Social Media Users Bash Chevron’s Free Pizza Coupons Following Explosion, Petition Seeks Apology

Here is a screen shot from the Chevron Facebook page.

Here is a screen shot from the Chevron Facebook page.

The Facebook and Twitter sites for Chevron were hammered Tuesday by angry users who pummeled remarks that for the most part were sarcastic, snarky and outraged.

Users took to social media to express their displeasure over a form letter and coupons for a free pizza-and-pop combo distributed by the company to Greene County, Pennsylvania, folks who were inconvenienced by a gas well explosion there that injured a man. Another man is still missing, and presumed dead.

Some just wrote comments, while others paired theirs with a link to one of myriad news organizations to run a story about the matter.

Some were angry:

“Pizza? I hate you people. I have many colorful suggestions for you on what to do with your free pizza.”

And then there was this comment:

“20 billion dollars profit and you offer these unfortunate people a slice of pizza? how far removed from human emotion/intelligence/understanding are you?”

Still another woman wrote this:

“How is it you people aren’t in jail yet?”

Then there was the snark:

“free pizza if chevron almost kills you YAY free pizza, once the third degree burns heal and you can eat solid food again this will be nice… does it have an expiration date?”

The comments on Twitter were even more brutal. A search for #Chevron yielded this tweet:

#chevron,#fracking,#freepizza,#frackingwellblowout. So I can get a free pizza when a fracking well blows out and kills a human? Suhweet!

And this one:

geeze, sorry we blew up your back yard and killed your neighbor. Here’s a coupon, thanks #chevron : …

And this one:

#Chevron, how dare you blow up our neighborhood, HEY, free pizza!!!! … via @Salon

Meanwhile, a petition was created Tuesday asking John Watson, Chevron CEO, to apologize for what many social media users have called a botched PR move.

The petition, which had 17 signatures (the goal is 500) as of 7:11 p.m., reads:

We, the undersigned, are calling on John Watson to apologize for giving neighbors of a gas well that exploded In Greene County, Pennsylvania coupons for a free pizza and two-liter bottle of soda. One man was injured, another is presumed dead, and neighbors were forced to evacuate for days until the fire could be extinguished. A tragedy occurred. A coupon for pizza and soda to make up for that is an insult.

To read the entire petition, and see comments from those who have signed, click here.

Editor’s Note: What’s your take on this? Please comment below. Thanks! -amanda

6 thoughts on “Social Media Users Bash Chevron’s Free Pizza Coupons Following Explosion, Petition Seeks Apology

  1. Pizza “Well done” anyone? With extra methane please!

  2. All I can say is thank god that the section of Act13 handing over zoning control to the state (the gas industry) was shot down by the Pa. Supreme Court, or we might be saddened by the death of school children, or the destruction of homes, and hospitals. What type of meals would they give out for that. The bastards!

  3. One wonders if, by cashing in one of these coupons, the user has thereby accepted compensation from the company and therefore could NOT sue for any harm that may have or will be incurred? I do not know – any lawyers out there have any insight?

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    Thanks a ton!

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