Protesters Waiting to Deliver Petition to Gov. Corbett Asking for Ban on Fracking of Public Forests


(Photos of protesters waiting to deliver petition to Corbett is courtesy of the John Hanger Campaign)


About 100 protesters waited Tuesday afternoon to deliver a petition to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett.

More than 15,000 people signed a petition calling for a ban of fracking in state forests. Held in the rotunda of the state Capitol, the rally was organized by League of Conservation Voters and Clean Water Action.

John Hanger, a Democrat seeking the nomination for governor in the May primary, posted on his Facebook page that he supported those gathering in Harrisburg to oppose Corbett’s plan to allow Marcellus Shale gas drilling in state forests.

In a press release, he said:

I salute the coalition of almost three dozen organizations led by the League of Conservations Voters to bring the message to Corbett’s doorstep that “no means no.” They deserve our thanks and support.

For coverage from NPR, click here.


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6 thoughts on “Protesters Waiting to Deliver Petition to Gov. Corbett Asking for Ban on Fracking of Public Forests

  1. Alex L says:

    lol photos courtesy of the John Hanger campaign? Here’s what John Hanger permitted in the Loyalsock, one of many that were permitted on public lands under his DEP:

  2. That’s fair. But I just wanted clarify that I was unable to make the event. I noticed that someone was attending with the Hanger campaign and I reached out to him for photos and the press release. Will update the story with more links, etc. soon. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • citizensane1 says:

      That is indeed a fair response to Alex’s comment which clearly pointed out that it was under John Hanger that many of these permits were issued. John Hanger ‘claims’ he will support a moratorium/ban on drilling in our state forests, however, what he actually means is, he will ban it on state lands that are either not already leased, or where the oil, gas, and mineral rights have not been severed. That would still allow drilling to take place on more than 2/3’s of the state land within the Commonwealth. In other words, Hanger’s plan to protect our state forests is meaningless, and he still will not stand up for the moratorium that was passed, and reaffirmed by the democrat party that he seeks the nomination from. Also, despite his “photo-op” with Max Chilson, John Hanger has still done nothing to have Max’s water replaced, and Hanger has also offered to meet with others who’s water has been contaminated, but ONLY if he can record the meeting. I understand that using a Hanger campaign reps photo is NOT in any way an endorsement for John Hanger. Further clarification on your part would do well to quell any argument to the contrary. Thanks! .

      • Nope, no endorsement. I was simply trying to (after failing to see any local reports about the rally) get some basic info and photos up on the blog as soon as I could. I reached out to a couple people, and Mr. Todd responded to me (I was unable to be in Harrisburg and am based in Pittsburgh). I used those photos for that purpose. Also, I have added a link to a write up on the rally from NPR. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you have a great evening!

        If anyone has photos or info they would like to share, please feel free to email me at

  3. steventodd says:

    Thanks for the coverage!

    Karen Feridan of Berks Gas Truth pointed out that 68% of PA citizens oppose fracking our forests,but Governor Corbett is ignoring the will of the people.

    Sandy Strauss of PA Council of Churches noted that Adam & Eve were instructed to tend to Eden, while it sustained them, not just to take what they wanted.

    Nathan Sooy of Clean Water Action told Governor Corbett that “the big money of gas lobbyists will be countered,” by We The People.

    Steve Todd
    Dauphin County Coordinator

  4. citizensane1 says:

    John Hanger Wants To Be Your Big Gas Greenwash Governor: A Gander at His Gubernatorial Campaign Donors

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