DEP: Additional Chemicals “Associated with Drilling” Found in Contaminated Soil at Range Resources Impoundment


A Department on Environmental Protection spokesman on Thursday confirmed that “other chemicals associated with drilling” have been found in the contaminated soil being hauled from the Jon Day impoundment in Amwell Township, Washington County – the site of a “significant” leak earlier this year.

The spokesman, John Poister, said a “wider array” of tests showed the other chemicals, while initial testing showed only chlorides, which he indicated was a “marker” for contamination.

The exact chemicals found in the soil were not immediately disclosed.

DEP is seeking further information from Range Resources, Poister said.


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One thought on “DEP: Additional Chemicals “Associated with Drilling” Found in Contaminated Soil at Range Resources Impoundment

  1. James Barth says:

    Around September of 2008, Lou D’Amico wrote an Op-Ed piece in a Susquehanna Weekly paper in which he stated that only water and sand were used in the frac’ing process. I wrote a rather blistering response, which the paper printed. In December of 2010, I listened to a pro-frac’ing interview of a Halliburton VP in which he repeated the water and sand claim. Then, when pressed by the interviewer, said well, less than 1/2 of 1% are chemicals and they are quite benign. I responded that industry itself admits to “up to 2%” can be chemical additives. Then, we have impoundments being described as containing “fresh water”, when the fluid has simply been cleaned to the point that it may be reused in a future frac job. Industry calls this “recycling”.

    In the end, we wind up with impoundments such as the John Day, creating a current count of up to 15,000 tons of contaminated soil.

    Massive air pollution and ground level ozone, Lipsky, and the original EPA determination were correct; production (matching thermogenic) methane contamination of aquifers.

    In the end, the sky is not pink, and the truth comes out, but the industry still remains undead, admits nothing.

    It seems that only people in the streets will stop this greed and madness.

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